November 20, 2007

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon


“Just Married” – your vows are made and you are ready to commence on a life long journey with your partner. Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to connect with your sole mate, in a relaxing environment, giving you time to explore and enjoy each others company. For years to come you will be nostalgically thinking of this holiday as “the best time of your life”.

We at Lathita have great experience in creating special holidays and we wish to offer the following advise:

Here are a few tips on how to plan the perfect honeymoon.

Once you have a wedding date in mind, start planning the honeymoon. Depending on the time of year, there may be certain destinations that are less attractive than others. For example, if you desire an idyllic Island honeymoon during April, it is not advisable to go to any of the island destinations affect by cyclone weather condition. Ensure that the date suit your expectations of the wedding and the honeymoon you desire.

Talk to your partner to determine what her/his expectations of the honeymoon is. Think about the setting for your honeymoon i.e. mountains, beach, African bush, island, etc.

Choose a romantic, private destination where you can spend quality time with your partner. Exclusive Guest Houses or Lodges offering only a few suites, is a good option, preferably properties that does not allow young children.

If you and your partner like the out doors, choose a destination that offers you the option to do some activities – hiking, sight seeing, game viewing, balloon rides, picnics, etc.

Start planning your honeymoon, well in advance. If you intent to include flights as part of the honeymoon experience, you can save a lot of money with an early booking. During peak season car rental options are limited it is thus advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Budget for your honeymoon. You may prefer to choose a destination that offer meals, but you could improve you cashflow if you book a destination that offers only Bed & Breakfast, with the option to have additional meals at the on site restaurant or in close proximity – your monetary wedding gifts can then be put to good use. Remember that you will have to pay for the deposit, once you confirm the bookings and the rest of the costs before departure.

Appoint a travel consult to assist you with the honeymoon arrangements. Lathita Travel specializes in tailor made holidays. We have more than 400 properties in fifteen Southern and East African counties and Indian Ocean Islands. Our knowledgeable staff can advice you on the best destinations and properties to suit you specific needs. With such a large selection of properties we can cater for all affordability levels.

The consultant will do all the arrangements (accommodation, car rental/flights and activities) on your behalf, and you have the benefit of only paying one party, irrespective of the size of your honeymoon package. Once you depart for your honeymoon, part of the service is to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly – we do daily follow-ups, to ensure that everything is perfect for your arrival.

For more information about Tailor Made Holidays, and how we can assist you with planning your perfect honeymoon, please contact Lathita Travel on